Our Actions

As a brand, we do our best to minimize our impact on the environment. We look to the past to help guide our future. And while we have more work to do, we always move forward with respect to the:

People. Process. Land.



Celebrating Our Partners — Transparency and honesty are fundamental to our brand. We highlight the partners that we work with, are honest in our ingredients, and help ensure that the cultural traditions of artesanal agave spirits are maintained. 

Independently Grown — By funding the construction of greenhouses, we empower families to take control of their futures by having a path towards sustainable income. 

Traditionally Produced — We highlight Maestro Mezcaleros that have time-honored traditions and do not manipulate our products with any additives. Each batch is unique, just like the natural world intends. By highlighting these methods, we aim to protect cultural traditions for generations to come. 

Reinvestment In Community — A portion of our profits go back into the rural communities that we work with and help improve the quality of life.



Recycled Glass — 100% of our bottles and made with recycled glass in Mexico near our distillery. This is a simple step and will never change. 

Natural Wood Tops — We use only real wood tops that are from a regenerative source and are biodegradable. We are on a mission to eliminate plastic from our supply chain as much as possible.

Artesanal and Ancestral Only — We avoid industrial production methods in favor of an old school process. It is a nod to tradition and ultimately we believe this makes a better product.



Agave Nurseries — A portion of our profits have been donated to the development and construction of nurseries in rural areas. We work directly with communities to help protect at risk endemic agaves and over harvested trees that are a critical part of the ecosystem.

Regenerative Agriculture — Once our agaves are harvested for our mezcal we help ensure that starter agaves, or hijuelos, are exchanged with our partners so the land can be replanted in a sustainable manner for future harvest

Cultivated Agaves — We are committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing of our agaves. While we primarily work with cultivated agaves, we also carefully assess the sustainability of certain wild agave species before bringing them to market. We work closely with local producers to ensure ethical and sustainable harvesting practices. Additionally, we invest in the cultivation of historically challenging agave species, such as tobala, to reduce pressure on wild populations while offering these unique and highly valued agaves to our customers. For every plant we harvest from the ground we donate one small starter to the community.