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Our Process

100% Blue Weber Agave

Our team is committed to transparency and sustainability in all production methods, and we are proud to bring you cleaner spirits from farm to bottle. No additives, no marketing fluff, just 100% agave spirits to be shared for the common good.


We hand stack then slow-roast our agaves in small 12-ton brick ovens. 72 hours of slow cooking on low heat leaves our perfectly roasted agaves full of sugar. We then let the oven cool for an addional 24 hours before removing the agave for the extraction of the juice.

Extraction & Tradition

We aren’t interested in mass-producing products. Instead, we are focused on making the best tequila available in the most sustainable way possible. The 2-ton prehispanic stone tahona we use to extract juice from the agave honors tradition and brings out tons of agave flavor. It adds earthy minerality and helps bring out the sweetness of the roasted agave.


To us, transparency matters. Our distillery is a family operation, four generations deep, and many of the employees have worked here for decades. A commitment to excellence, equitable wages, and a supportive working environment help create a solid team.

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