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We Are Wild Common

About the Founder – Andy Bardon

As an athlete, a National Geographic photographer, and a former mountain guide I rely on my body and health to keep me safe, and often, alive. From the side of El Capitan, the slopes of Mount Everest, or the clear blue waters of Tahiti, I’m driven to document and share images from the natural world to inspire people and to help protect our planet. I don’t have time to be slow in the gym or in the mountains. After trying a number of options in the market I decided there’s got to be a better way to celebrate with friends at the end of the day. So I started my search for the most transparent products on earth produced in a sustainable way. A cleaner option for people that live a healthy lifestyle. Hence our product was born out of necessity. 

Wild Common is clean, additive-free, low calorie, gluten-free, sustainable, and transparent.

We invite you to join our journey.

After a fortuitous introduction during a trip to Mexico, we found ourselves sitting in the shade of a fruit tree on a hot spring day tasting tequilas with traditions dating back to 1904. Additive-free, slow-cooked, world-class tequilas to be exact. Our minds were blown. We could taste the minerality of the deep well water, the rich flavors of valley agaves, and the earthy flavors of the red volcanic soil it grew in. This is what we were looking for. No additives, just agave, sunlight, water, and time.

After hours of laughter, talking story, and sharing good food the seed had been planted. It became our mission to spread the story of sustainability, emphasize the importance of transparency about what’s in the bottle and the culture where it came from, and bring people together to laugh and celebrate around these beautiful additive-free spirits.


Because we care about the health of the earth. We care about what we put into our bodies. We care about the people that worked hard to bring you these spirits. We care about coming together as a community to laugh, unwind, and authentically connect.

The Distillery – El Cascahuin

The family-run distillery of Cascahuin (NOM 1123) has traditions dating back to 1904 and is under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Don Salvador Rosales Torres. Along with his sons Salvador (“Chava”), and Benjamin, the Rosales family creates some of the finest tequila on earth. They lead by example and focus on sustainability, transparency, and do not use additives in their entire production process. Hence our slogan, “nothing added, nothing lost”.

We are proud to partner with this family distillery where tradition, sustainability, and quality matter. And we are honored to help tell their story to a new breed of conscious consumers. (NOM 1123)

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